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Welcome to the newest version of Nascar Pools Online! We are now open for the 2014. If you find something that isn't working, send us a message.

The site is designed to work best in Internet Explorer 9 or higher, and the most recent versions of Google Chrome, and Mozilla FireFox. Please update to one of these!

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Why Nascar Pools Online?

We offer several base scoring options, which you can modify to fit your pool. You can set up your pool to include weekly picks, or use the same drivers throughout the season.

We keep track of your overall standings as well as race by race standings and results. We post pick stats, so you know how many teams picked the same drivers as you.

We have a number of tools for Pool Managers to keep things running smoothly. Track which entries have paid, monitor league message board, change picks, and send league emails.

Nascar Pools Online is the most customizable website for managing your fantasy Nascar pool. If you manage a Nascar pool, Nascar Pools Online may be your new favourite site!

New For 2014

  • Custom Driver Groups:
    Pool Managers can create their own groups for their pool.
  • Custom Scoring:
    Build your entire scoring method off of one of our base scoring setups. Include Chase reset.
  • Pick'em Selection Limits:
    Limit entries to the number of times they can select a driver through the season. There will be a few different options to choose from.
  • Selection Stats:
    Find out how many teams have picked the same drivers.
  • Available Pools List:
    Interested in joining another pool? We'll help you find one. Available pools will have been on NPO in previous seasons.

Recent News

  • Entry Race Results

    We've updated the entry race results page to account for the lowest scores being dropped (for the pools that drop scores). Your totals should now match-up with those on the results pages.

  • Blog Update

    We're currently working on creating the Pitstall Blog in a separate spot on the site, with the focus being on picks and news, as opposed to site information. Stay tuned for an update over the next couple weeks.

  • Copying Picks to Future Races

    For Pick'em pools without pick limits, you can now copy your picks into future races, similar to how the site worked last season. We've added a check box at the bottom of the picks page, that will allow you to copy the picks for the race you're on, into all races beyond the selected race.

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